Alankar Mineral Industries

White Whitening Powder

We are identified as one of the most prominent Manufacturers of White Whitening Powder in the Indian Market. With efficient manufacturing facilities, we produce superior quality White Whitening Soft Powder that is used for various architectural purposes. The White Whitening Dual Powder, made available with us, varies in chemical composition and physical characteristics. With us, this powder is accessible with various specifications.

Chemical Composition (Typical)

Silica (as SiO 2) 7.25
Alumina (as Al 2 O 3 ) 0.10
Fe2o3 Ferric Oxide (as Fe 2 O 3 ) 0.23
Cao Titanium Di-Oxide (as TiO 2 ) Nil
Al2o3 Manganese oxide (as MnO) Nil
Calcium Oxide (as CaO) 28.38
Magnesium Oxide (as MgO) 22.10
Sodium Oxide (as Na 2 O) 0.36
Potassium Oxide (as K 2 O) 0.11
Color Loss on Ignition (as LOI) 41.46

Physical Characteristics (Typical)

pH (OF 10% Slurry) 9.85
Oil absorption ml / 100 gm. 23.40%
Bulk Density (tapped) 1.13 g/mi